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Programa de Capacitação Institucional - PCI

Electronic Form for Proposals

(sending deadline according to Public Call Notice)

Institutional process No.:      Validity:
Proposal Data
Quota in the call:    Project in the quota:    (see Appendix II of the Call)
Fellowship type:    Begining date:    Duration (months):
Proponent Data
Full name:    CPF No.:
Birth date:    Birth country:
For brazilians and resident foreigners
Identity No.:    Type:
Issue bureau:    Issue date:
For non resident foreigners
Passaport No.:    Country of issue:    Validity:
Visa type:    Issue date:    Validity (months):
ATTENTION: Having a visa is not requested when submitting the proposal, but will be mandatory later to implement the fellowship. For information about visa types check the Consular Portal of the Foreign Relations Ministry.
Residential address
Street/avenue:    No.:    Complement:
Neighborhood:    ZIP Code:    City:
State:    Country:    E-mail:   
Academic degrees
Level Date Degree
High school
Profession: Link to the Lattes Curriculum:
ATTENTION: The Lattes Curriculum should be updated in the last 30 days. When updating the Curriculum, pay special attention to the following items: Academic Background, Professional Profile, Summary, and Production. Remember to send the curriculum to the CNPq for publication after the update. To register a new curriculum, access the Lattes Platform.
Are you currently engaged in any graduate course in Brazil?
Yes    No      Institution:
ATTENTION: If you answered Yes, you must provide a certificate from the graduate course specifying the date of ending. Being engaged in a graduate course, even without a schoolarship, prevents to get any PCI fellowship.
Do you currently have any job in Brazil, even temporary?
Yes    No      Type:
ATTENTION: If you answered Yes and are requesting a PCI-D fellowship, you must provide a declaration from the institution/company certifying that the job ends before the begining of the PCI fellowship.
Do you currently have any other schoolarship or fellowship from brazilian agencies?
Yes    No      Type:      Agency:
ATTENTION: If you answered Yes, you must provide a declaraion of the fellowship agency certifying that the current fellowship ends before the begining of the PCI fellowship. Otherwise, the PCI fellowship will be only implemented after certifying that the previous fellowship was cancelled.
Have you already had any of the following fellowships from CNPq?
PCI-D No. of months: Instituion(s):
PCI-E No. of months: Instituion(s):
DTI No. of months: Instituion(s):
Mandatory Documents
ATTENTION: Before submitting this form, you must put all the documents together in a single PDF file, with less than 1.5 MB, following the order listed below:
  1. Letter of presentation of the proponent, with up to 1 page
  2. Working plan, with up to 5 pages, according to the following model
  3. Copy of the identity/passport and CPF
  4. Copy of the visa or RNE (for foreign candidates)
  5. Copies of diplomas and certificates that prove the required profile
  6. Agreement of the candidate's institution to develop the project at ON (only for PCI-E1 and E2 fellowships)
  7. Other documents requested in the Public Call Notice
  8. Translation of the foreign documents, when required by the Public Call Notice
Identify the file as "Edital_PCI-Name_of_candidate.pdf"
Please, attach the file here:
ATTENTION: For PCI-DA, DB and DC fellowships, after submitting the proposal, it is necessary to send 2 (two) letters of recommendation, using the electronic form available here.